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Curtis Clemons Interior - Exterior Painting is a well recognized and trustworthy company, which has proven to provide a satisfactory service to our clients for the last 33 years. We are fully licensed and insured, and have demonstrated proficient work that supplies the local area with professional services.

With more than 33 years of experience in the field, our painting contractor takes its rightful place among the most preferred in Huntsville AL and the surrounding areas. Our clients’ satisfaction has always been of importance to us, that is why we have managed to sustain 100% gratification in meeting their expectations during the years.

Curtis Clemons Interior - Exterior Painting
3100 Wood Valley Dr NW Huntsville, AL 35810-3052
(256) 851-8864

Jan 14, 2013 by Bell

Just needed to discuss a good job done by a superior team. I even have never experienced a house painting work like this one. Potency is that the name of this company’s game, impeccably clean, fully no paint spills or drops, and a close to quiet paint compressor. Everything was on time, on budget and with a well-timed shiny, blue sky. Wow!
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We are a painting contractor that offers services for both their residential and commercial needs, as well as additional services, such as:

  • complete house and office painting serviceIf you need a professional painting, trust to ou company.
  • pressure washing
  • window cleaning
  • general decorating service
  • drywall painting, repairs and installation
  • finishing of cabinets
  • renewing stain finishes
  • all interior and exterior painting

Painting services
We are a reputable commercial painter, and our services will provide you with the right help for your successful project!

 Our painting services can make your dreams in reality.Whether you need painting services for the interior or the exterior – calling our painting company will assure you that your property will be left in the hands of our long-standing experts and professionals in that field. Hiring the right company will add that professional touch, completeness and gratification to your long planned project and will achieve the desired results. In Curtis Clemons Interior - Exterior Painting, perfection is a motto to us, that is why painting per se, is not just another job for us.

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Do you need drywall painting?
Our long -standing experience in the field has contributed to our expertise and competency, especially in drywall painting. We are proud of our painting contractors and their proficient work on drywall repairs and installation.

Our company provide wide range of  interior painting services.Interior painting service
If you need a commercial painter and an expert painter that will ensure your personal interior painting needs in Huntsville AL and surrounding areas are met, our company is the right painting company to call. Painting is not just a job to us, it is a delight and we bring joy with us everytime we visit to work on your home. We aim to provide our clients and their property with picture-perfect results.

Our painting company works with a high standard of products and tools that will ensure the sustainability of the paint, regardless of the weather conditions. The modern equipment that we utilize maintains the quality of our service and leaves our clients completely satisfied, as well as helps us do our job in a timely manner.

Our customers find our prices surprisingly competitive and reasonable, for the excellent and professional services we provide them with. In addition, Curtis Clemons Interior - Exterior Painting renders to our loyal clients discounts, specialties and services that every customer would like to receive, alongOur painting services are reliability and professional. with the professional work. We can guarantee that we will exceed your expectations and satisfy all your needs. We are also available for help and expert advice to those who have questions and concerns.

Curtis Clemons Interior - Exterior Painting is the best painting company in Huntsville AL and the surrounding area. We have been providing a satisfying service to our clients for the last 33 years. Trust in us and you will get the best, professional service at reasonable prices, and even discounts.

Call us today for expert advice or make your dreams come true, at (256) 851-8864.